You Make Me Not Care About Trump’s Legal Problems

Hector Guthrie
3 min readAug 16, 2023
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I don’t care about Trump’s legal problems and indictments — maybe I should… but I can’t. I looked into the well of my soul for “care” about what Trump has done or said now, and it is empty. In fact it’s been empty for some time now.

You used them all up in the previous seven (or so) years of the constant Trump Trump Trump headlines. I cared at first, how could I not? “Trump called all Mexicans criminals and rapists!” That infuriated me. Unfortunately for you I checked your sources, and it turns out it wasn’t true. But I could see how some would interpret it that way.

“Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women.” That is awful! But then I heard the tape myself, and he didn’t actually say that. He said that when you are rich and famous some women will let you do anything to them. The tape was crude, and it certainly isn’t true of all, or maybe even most, women, but I’m old enough and experienced enough to know that there is a number of women who do fit that description. So it wasn’t true, but I can see how some would interpret it that way.

“Trump colluded with the Russians to cheat and win the election.” That would be a disaster for our Republic. I was worried. A few years and several investigations later it turned out to be not true. Not only was it not true, but it was completely fabricated. In hindsight, I couldn’t understand how some would interpret it that way.

And the list of “scandals” continued to flood the headlines.

“Trump killed fish in the Koi Pond in Korea.” “Trump can’t hold a normal sized water bottle.” “Trump is scarred to walk down a ramp.” “Trump called white supremacists ‘very fine’ people.”

All turned out to be untrue. With each passing headline, my ability to care about what the media wanted me to care about waned. Like the villagers in “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, I came running to your side, emotionally charged and ready to fight. Then I had to deal with the disappointment of being lied to, again, and again, and again.

Eventually I just stopped listening, which helped stabilized my emotions because I turned off the sensationalized media coverage of turning nothing into something.

So here we are again. You want me to care about something Trump said or did. But you used all your credibility on Koi fish scandals and propaganda about Russia changing the election results. Maybe the wolf came this time for real and is terrorizing the flock, your flock. I don’t care. It could be another lie. I don’t want to help you, wolf or not. You used and abused my trust and preyed upon my gullibility. Shame on you.

So I don’t care and won’t care about what you want me to care about. It isn’t worth my time, it isn’t worth my attention. Maybe Trump did something, or maybe you are yet again propagating lies against your political opponent. Either way, you’re on your own with this because you made me not care.



Hector Guthrie

I am a thinker and a writer. As a religious minority, a gender minority, a racial minority, and a political minority, I think I have something to say.